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Two Broads Ciderworks, Maggie Przybylski + Morgan Murphy, San Luis Obispo

March 1, 2022

Matt Cross Tap Takeover Episode

Maggie Przybylski and Morgan Murphy are the married team behind Two Broads Ciderworks, a cidery in San Luis Obispo that they launched in 2017. Matt and I had our eyes opened wide to the process of turning local apples into dry, beautiful cider. This is what you might know as hard cider — an apple cider that has fermented and become alcoholic. San Luis Obispo County is really great for cider-making because we have a strong tradition of apple-growing here, and Two Broads Cider definitely makes the most of it. If you love cider, you’ll enjoy hearing about Maggie and Morgan’s methods, tastes, and travels. And if you don’t currently drink cider, I guarantee you’ll want to give it a try after hearing us drink it.

Two Broads Ciderworks / @twobroadscider

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